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TSG Karate (Combat Karate) is a modern and realistic style that has been developed by Soke David C. Cook 10th Dan. Soke Cook has used his over 40 years experience of teaching Budo to develop this style. (In some areas the style is also known as TSG-Fighting Karate.)

The TSG Karate system is built around 12 newly developed Kata that contain realistic and effective fighting combinations. These combinations are suitable for various forms of fighting and also self-defence.

The style includes some Throws and Takedowns, Control Positions and some Joint Locks and Chokes.

Unlike most traditional sytyles these Kata are always practised with an Uke (training partner). The style is designed to be suitable for a large range of students; children and adults, male or female, people training for fitness and as a hobby, and also serious students of Budo



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