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WALES NOVEMBER 2012 2012-11-01


 I was recently in Wales to visit Raul Rucarean, I had been in contact with him for quite some time and I promised that when I was in the UK next time I would come to visit him in Swansea.
I held some private lessons with Raul who had expressed his ambition of testing for Shodan, so I was evaluating him all the time. He impressed me with his technique and power. He had already sent me some film of him training some Kata that he had learnt from the TSG-DVDs, so I already had some idea of his ability. I also liked his attitude towards Budo and that is very important for me.

I had the privilege of staying at his home and meeting his wonderful family, his wife Delyth and 2 young children Steffan and Alis. I liked the way he and his wife treated their children, they were very kind to them and they all made me feel at home.

At the end of the last session I was happy to be able to promote Raul to Shodan.



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