Sunday 19th of August 2018
Soke David C Cook - 10th Dan Award 2015-01-25

 In December 2014, something extraordinary happened in the city of Piteå in north of Sweden.

There were many countries represented at the annual winter training camp and we had guests from Russia, Wales, Iran and Sweden of course, participating in the training. We were also honoured to have Soke David C Cook 9th Dan, our President and Head Instructor at the camp.

We had arranged a very special surprise for Soke Cook that he had no idea about. There had been more than eight months of planning to set the plan and surprise in motion and there had been many phone and e-mail correspondence with all the Country representatives in the Tsu Shin Gen Budo Association. Also Tsu Shin Gen´s special advisor Soke J. Ruiz and the World Head of Family Sokeship Council were involved in this event.

I am talking about the award of 10th Dan to Soke David Cook!! Soke was very surprised and didn’t believe Kaicho Forsman when he first announced the promotion. It was when we presented Soke with his new certificates in beautiful frames that it started to sink in.

Everyone at the camp applauded, cheered and congratulated Soke to his new grade. The Tsu Shin Gen is honoured to have Soke David C Cook 10th Dan as President and leader of the Association. We are certain that he will continue to develop and make this Association better for every month that passes.

Domo arigato gosai mashita! OSU / Shihan Lars 6th Dan

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