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The Tsu Shin Gen International Budo Association (TSG) is a non-political Martial Art Association in which members from around the world can exchange ideas and experience for the benefit of all.

The TSG is open to any Dojo or Club that is interested in one or more of the four systems that is taught.  

If you are interested in becoming a Representative of the TSG International or learning one of the Systems of the Tsu Shin Gen Association, please send all relevant information using our Contact form. 


  • World recognition

  • Non-political Association

  • World promotion

  • International seminars

  • International competitions

  • Access to Senior Black Belt Instructors

  • Club certification

  • Black Belt testing and recognition

  • Friendly co-operation between countries

  • Grading Compendium

  • Instruction DVDs and books

  • Access to registered logos

  • Support


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